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Sprayable Superfine
Tungsten Carbide Cobalt –
Infralloy™ Powder S7400 Series

[U.S. Patent Nos. 6,025,034 6,277,448 6,277,774 6,287,714]
Thermal Spray Grade Tungsten carbide cobalt is a ceramic-metal (cermet) composite material used as a wear resistant coating. The alloyed form gives superior hardness. Infralloy™ powder is made from WC nanoparticles alloyed with a cobalt binding matrix phase. Infralloy™ Series S7400 powder is available as agglomerated particles with dimension 5 < F < 45 mm with high flowability for HVOF thermal spray applications.


SEM micrograph typical of Infralloy™ S7412 feedstock powder showing spherical geometry with high flowability.

Properties of Infralloy™ S7400 Series Powders S7412 S7417
WC : Co wt ratio 88 : 12 83 : 17
Alloy content < 1 % < 1 %
powder grain size (ave.) 50 - 500 nm 50 - 500 nm
agglomerated powder size 5 < Φ < 45 μm 5 < Φ < 45 μm
coating hardness (typical) 1100 VHN 900 VHN
1 nanometer (nm) = 10 – 9 meter (m)
Coating Microstructure
Cross sectional SEM view of a typical very dense carbide coating produced by a Metco HVOF gun using Infralloy™ S7412 feedstock powder. Pores (dark spots) occupy only ~ 1% volume.

Suggested Applications

Inframat Infralloy™ S7400 Series powder is a superior coating material providing wear-, erosion-, and corrosion-resistant surfaces where excellent to exceptional fracture toughness is required.
S7400 Series Coating Types Fracture Toughness
S7412 Wear-, Erosion-, Corrosion-Resistant Excellent
S7417 Wear-, Erosion-, Corrosion-Resistant Exceptional

The Thermal Spray Grade material can be applied with DC Arc plasma and HVOF guns. Full spray specifications are available through Technical Applications Bulletins Nos. S7412.01B and S7417.01B.



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